A Generic Framework: Root Cause Mining Integrated with Requirement Engineering Process for IOT Applications

  • Dr. Mohammed Faisal, Suad Al Riyami


The research work presented here deals with the requirement engineering process for public domain based IoT application. The innovation in this context is root cause mining. The root cause analysis is a popular technique to find out the root causes of a particular event by utilizing the manual or tool based tracing techniques. In this paper, we have extrapolated the existing concept by replacing the techniques to identify the root causes. We are introducing a novel concept called root cause mining, we have incorporated knowledge text mining in order to identify the root causes. Collectively we are introducing a new concept called root cause mining(RCM). The root cause mining has replaced the requirement elicitation process in some specific exceptional cases. This approach is well suited where we want to develop applications to overcome from the system failure or whenever we need to develop an IOT application to take preventive measures to avoid the fault to occur. In this work, we are proposing a framework for the requirement engineering(RE) process for public domain based Internet of Things (IOT) application. The capacity of the root cause mining as a sub process is not only limited to the IOT based application; it can be also fitted for any requirement engineering process wherever requirements are needed to gather from multiple sources from various viewpoints in search of root causes to develop the application to handle the fault occurrence. 


INDEX TERMS Root Cause Mining, Data Mining, Electrical accidents, Electrical fires, Internet of Things,

Requirement Engineering, requirement elicitation, Text mining, Opinion mining, Web mining.