The Effect of Islamic Spiritual Mindfulness Therapy on the Drugs Adherence of Skizofrenia Patients through SI-POS Android Application

  • Ardinata, Nur Aminudin, Meidiana dwidiyanti, Sri Padma Cider, Fahlul Rizki, Tahta Herdian Andika, Muhammad Ahsan Jamal, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno, Suerni Point


Background: The non-adherence of schizorefrenia is high even though non-adherence causes relaxed and rehospitalization. One of alternative intervention strategies is to use Islamic spiritual mindfulness therapy.

Objective: To determine the effect of Islamic spiritual mindfulness intervention on drug adherence in schizophrenia through SI-POS android application.

Method: This type of research was quantitative using a quasy-experimental design with a prepost test control group design approach, namely the type of research design by forming two groups, namely the control and intervention groups. Data were measured using the MARS 10 questionnaire, it took six weeks to see drug adherence and the effectiveness of Islamic spiritual mindfulness therapy, a questionnaire to follow up on the ability of spiritual healthy independent target activities. This research has been declared to have passed the ethical health test at RSJ Central Java. Data was analyzed using SPSS 25 programs with Wilcoxon signed rank test or a statistical test difference. The intervention group was given "Islamic Spiritual Mindfulness" to receive treatment.Results: This study showed that mindfulness intervention is very effective in increasing drug adherence and targets for spiritual independence. Islamic spiritual mindfulness patients acknowledge the problem causing their problem. These findings support the use of Islamic Spiritual Mindfulness as an intervention to increase the adherence level of patients treatment with mental and mental health conditions. IT recommended not only drug adherence, that these interventions could be developed through future research and intervention programs.Conclusion: This study concluded that spiritual mindfulness has an effect on drug adherence in schizophrenia patients. Therefore, Islamic spiritual mindfulness therapy is highly recommended for mental nurses. Islamic spiritual mindfulness as a therapy is considered as an intervention for patient mental disorders.