The Rough Set Method for Teacher Performance in Determining Achievement Assessment

  • Marta Widian Sari, Sarjon Defit


Improving teacher performance is a must so that the quality of their performance increases. This research is Rough Set Method For Teacher Performance In Determining Achievement Assessment In Sdn Negeri 10 Koto Bungus Padang . This is done with data mining to find new knowledge in the form of rules using the rough set method in analyzing teacher performance to determine outstanding teachers at SDN 10 Koto Bungus Padang. The results of this study are in the form of a rule that will determine which teachers are highly achieving, achieving and not achieving. The process of finding a rule in the Rough Set method starts from the formation of a Decision System which is the initial data from several attributes, then formed the Equivalence Class, Discernibility Matrix, Discernibility Matrix Modulo D, then finally General Rules and using Rosetta Software. The results of the General Rules will then become new knowledge in this study.