Design And Automation Of In- Line Forklift

  • K Sarupya Santhosh, B Govinda Reddy


 Factories, industries and Storage godowns requires machines for transporting large goods which is a laborious task and difficult to be performed by humans for a long time. To fill this need there came into existence four wheel drive forklift to lift and transport such medium weight goods across factories & industrial warehouses with the help of a driver. But working of forklift can be automated so that it doesn’t require any driver. This system is going to use line follower system for the forklift. It uses a colour tracker for the purpose of transportation. This system is the best solution for pick and place operation. Colour track can be made from one Location to the other location. It uses colour detecting line sensor. It is programmed by PICK IT 2 software. Instructions to the forklift can be coded by this software. More than one forklift can be used on one track by keeping a proper time gap. It can be used in mass production industries where laborious pick and place operations are taking place. It is more flexibility to move from one place to another place like moving from one department to other department . Human interference in the plant will be reduced and due to this cost reduction takes place. It also senses the path  in front of it by a IR sensor. Nut and Bolt Mechanism is used for the lifting and lowering action of load by the forklift. Wheels used and bolt in the lifting mechanism are also driven by the DC motor.