A Literature Survey on Communication and Relationship Ties of Supply Chain Management in Health Care

  • M. Selwin, N. Rajini


Hospitals are complex organizations in which multiple HealthCare professionals work interdependently to deliver care. Such conditions raise the potential for confusion, errors and delays. Consequently, quality has emerged as the prime focus in the delivery of hospital services. While RC research is growing to date, we have no knowledge about RC. Relational coordination (RC), is a mutually reinforcing process of interaction between communication and relationships carried out for purpose of task integration (Gittell, 2002a: 301). Relational coordination theory makes argues that coordination encompasses not only the management of interdependence between tasks but also between the people who perform those tasks. RC differs from other approaches to coordination by proposing three specific relationship dimensions that are needed for effective coordination: Shared Goals, Shared Knowledge and Mutual Respect; and four specific communication dimensions: Frequent, Timely Accurate and Problem Solving. The aim of this paper is to study coordination between RC parameter and High-performance work practices parameters. Questionnaire is prepared based on the seven dimensions of RC, High performance work practice and Quality then Efficiency outcome.  Hospitals with highly structured and more inter departments is to be selected and survey will be conducted among them. The obtained results will be used to enhance the quality and efficiency of those hospitals.