Relational Coordination Parameters and Correlation Analysis for enhancing Work practices in Health Care

  • Mr. M. SELWIN, Dr. N. RAJINI


Organization is the place where quality and efficiency are really matters a lot. The most important factor which helps the organization to achieve both the outcomes is Relational Coordination (RC). The Communication and Relationship ties of RC correlates the work practices model with great impact. Here quality and efficiency outcome of health care sector is improvised by finding the flaws in theĀ  work practices model. This can be achieved by improving the relationship between various dependent and independent variables in both RC and Work practices mediation model. 2 sets of Questionnaires have been framed and tested for internal consistency. The reliability between individual variables have been found by Correlation analysis. The Correlation analysis suggests that the task interdependency between RC dimensions and work practices model variables are interlinked with each other. Proper improvement in RC dimensions will exhibit positive outcome in the work practices model which in turn improve the quality outcome