Blockchain Based Secure and Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Umesh Kumbhalkar, Dr. Sharad Gangele


Embedded systems and wireless sensor networks (WSN) are found today in increasingly critical areas of applications. They have become integrated and embedded in nearly all aspects of everyday life, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, critical infrastructure, and entertainment. The number of connected devices continues to grow, and due to the insecure nature of these devices, the amount of risk continues to grow as well. These risks, however, can be mitigated with the creation and adoption of WSN security standards developed to create an environment of safety, security, and confidence in the technology. Designing the security policy for WSNs requires asking somepreliminary questions. These questions are particularly important in the case of WSNs because their use is highly decentralized. Blockchain’s ability on governing decentralized networks makes it especially suitable for designing a self-managing system on WSN devices. This article proposes a routing protocol that uses Blockchain technology to offer a shared memory between the network’s nodes. The simulation results have shown that this solutioncanbeapplicableandcanresolvetheissuescitedabove.