Quantum Chemical Computational method for Effects of Insufficient Sleep on Pituitary-Adrenocortical Response to Pre and Post CRH Stimulation in Healthy Men

  • Dr. N. Durgadevi, Dr. R. Kavitha


The Weibull distribution is widely used for the parametric analysis of failure data. For          right- censored observations, which occur frequently in survival studies, the simple form of the Weibull survivor function is an attractive property. It also has a hazard rate, increasing, constant or decreasing according to the value of one parameter, and this behavior is commonly accepted as appropriate in many situations, though not all. In certain circumstances an argument can be made out for believing that the distribution of survival times really should be Weibull. For multivariate failure time data the same considerations apply and it would be useful to have a multivariate Weibull distribution with simple, interpretable and flexible application.