Optimizing Parameters of Micro-EDM on INCONEL718 Using Single Hole Brass Electrode

  • Jagadish Sunilkumar Limbitote , Dr. Vijay Kurkute


Inconel 718 is a group of Nickel-Chromium based Superalloy; it has exceptionally high oxidation and erosion opposition. Inconel 718 is broadly being utilized in aviation, motor, turbine and so forth because of its high mechanical quality and creep opposition. Being broadly utilized, its machining ought to be simple yet in genuine its machining is troublesome, particularly by utilizing conventional machining strategies. It turns out to be anything but difficult to machine just by utilizing non-Traditional machining, for example, EDM. This study presents optimization of machining parameters like MRR, TWR and OC based on performance parameters like discharge current, pulse on time, spindle speed and feed. Using Taguchi L9 OA as a design of experiment it was found that all performance parameter affects machining parameters mostly the MRR.