A study of the concept of Humanism from Vivekananda’s standpoint

  • Vivekananda’s standpoint Dr


Vivekananda is one of the contemporary Indian philosophers who is well known all over the world for his contributions towards the utmost development of human beings. His mission is to rouse both man and woman spiritually to an awareness of their divine nature and to show them the ways and means to express that divinity into their thought and actions. Generally, humanism is a philosophy which stress on social ethics and helps man to achieve character by educating him in social virtues. It is the feeling of fellowship. But it is seen that the diversities and differences makes man separate from one another and the feeling of fellowship lies hidden in somewhere, though as human beings all are one irrespective of any personal or social difference. Thus this paper is an enquiry into this aspect whether his concept of humanism can be helpful to bring out this feeling of fellowship by re-establishing the equality among man. An attempt is also made to enquire into his concept of humanism, to search out whether there is any unique feature of his humanism which makes it different from others and whether his humanism can be related with nationalism.