Progress In Artificial Intelligence: Technological Singularity The Future

  • Boosarapu Asmika, Kakunuri Sandya, Chitta Hrudaya Neeharika


We are in the age of artificial intelligence. We might be near to the dream of artificial super intelligence which is Singularity. The idea of artificial super intelligence or technological singularity would mean enhancement in the human intelligence, which means our intelligence is overtaken by super intelligent machines. As Artificial intelligence is evolving we have machine learning and deep Learning algorithms. We are experiencing them in lot of applications around us in various forms from voice assistants to self-driving cars and space X reusable rockets and lot of advances in a gaming applications by artificial agents. All such applications particular to do a specific task are comes under artificial narrow intelligence. In future we might develop new species named artificial super intelligent agents, they might be able to perform every task which can be performed by human called artificial general intelligence and it can even surpass human intelligence, known as artificial super intelligence. With this we will have lot of advances in terms of technology and also it may explode us like uranium. It either lead us towards super smart world or can cause human extinction. This paper presents a survey on advances in AI such as Machine learning and deep learning and also possible developments and problems with artificial super intelligence.