Galvanic Skin Response And Heart Beat Sensor Coordination To Track The Health Parameter^

  • Ms. Sarah Ezhil Kelna Edwin, Dr. I. D. Soubache, Dr. K Ram Chandra, Dr. R. Indira, Dr. K. S.V. K. S. Madhavi Rani, Dr. B.B.R.G. Vijaya Lakshmi


The electrical conductance of skin is a parameter unequivocally associated with our emotional wellbeing. Strong feelings like dread, uneasiness, outrage, and anxiety consistently make us sweat even in the colder environment. Sweating is additionally a pointer of high pressure. Higher the pressure wetter the fingers is the normal phenomenon. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor can track the change in the skin conductivity due to the secretion of sweat.  The higher value of GSR represents the higher mental pressure in the steady-state. The Heart Beat (HB) sensor in another hand likewise addresses the high or low body movement, a ceaseless condition of rest, sleep quality, or even cardiovascular faults and failure. The efficient working of heartbeat is reflected by a fixed scope of BPM (Beats per Minute). Our proposed idea is a wearable gadget that can quantify our feeling of anxiety and alarm us to take a rest. The optional usefulness of our proposed project manages the heartbeat anomalous reach discovery. Whenever the abnormal range of heartbeat is detected the framework first alarms the user to make vital moves like calling nearby people and family members for help. The system also makes continuous beep sound to alert nearby people about the situation. In the event that the client doesn't reset the framework, at that point immediately the alert is shipped off the concerned relative, clinic, or rescue vehicle specialist using the Internet of Things (IoT) communication system. The complete information about the patient is immediately forwarded to the concerned parties with the contact detail and address of the patient. The consolidated arrangement of GSR and heartbeat makes the proposed idea an absolute necessity to have a prerequisite in the ebb and flow circumstance where stress and coronary illness are at the top. We utilize the laser type silicon AD8232 heartbeat and GSR skin conductance sensors to play out the proposed undertakings.