AI Based Assistance for Visually Impaired People Using TTS (Text To Speech)

  • Kumaraswamy Sakinaram, Kothakonda Vivek


Living alone in the environment of today is important for any human being, but it becomes a problem when we speak about individuals with visual disability. Due to vision disability, the person cannot perceive or sense the external world. These individuals need certain resources that enable them to function independently. It became convenient to sustain them in their everyday lives with advances in technologies such as mobile connectivity and artificial intelligence. Our research is a workaround for people with visual disability utilizing artificial intelligence, image detection and navigation. Our project is implemented through the creation of a PI camera on a raspberry pi that directs them with TTS, a GPS module, and the use of a smartphone to navigate the site, and a sensor to detect obstacles to the situation. It can also analyze pictures and transform them into text that helps them to communicate with the world more effectively.