Recognition Of Traffic Information With The Help Of Social Media Tweets.

  • Peddakotla Meghana, S. Vasundra


In present era, social media is been evolving widely in terms of using for connecting to their friends and beloved one’s, posting and sharing the information. Few social Medias like, Face book, LinkedIn, twitter were also using for sharing the ongoing daily trends in the real world. In metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi Mumbai and Hyderabad are well known to their traffics, people are struggling to reach their destination on time. The existing work is focusing on detecting the traffic information from social media text to make sure traveler reach their destination or places with a short time or quick. Also, focused to provide the necessary safely precaution on the road accident on their go. The main advantage is to increase the accuracy of traffic event and to display the location information of huge traffic. In this paper, we used the Logistic Regression method is used to extract the real-time traffic information which is also compared with combination of CNN-LSTM Method.[1]