Analysis of optimizing the cost of test cases for nature inspire algorithm using multi-agent systems

  • Pallavi sharma, Dr. Swapnesh taterh, Dr. Preeti Gupta


Verification and Validation (V&V) is procedure exercises, specialized and administrative. Performed by framework analyzer, not the framework engineer so as to improve the framework quality, framework dependability and guarantee that item fulfils the client's operational necessities of nature inspire algorithm. Check is affirmation that results specific advancement stages are predictable with prerequisites of those stages and going before phase(s), while approval for confirming the last item meeting framework necessities. Outside office is used to perform V&V, which is describe by Independent V&V or IV&V gathering inside association with designer, allowed to as Internal V&V. Utilization of V&V frequently goes with test case, improves affirmation quality, and lessen the chance. This paper focuses on rules for processing V&V of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) for an underlying genetic algorithm for optimizing the cost of test cases is proposed.