Broiler Expert System using Fuzzy Max, Certainty Factor and Forward Chaining Method

  • Asep Afandi, Dwi Marisa Efendi


 if the chicken is attacked by a disease it will reduce the productivity of the chicken. Where when chickens get sick, doctors are expected to be able to help treat and prevent the disease from spreading. But this is still not helpful because it takes a long time to call the doctor, otherwise the disease continues to spread. Build an expert system by applying the Forward Chaining method and calculating accuracy to identify broiler disease and provide a way to overcome it. The author uses data from the farm owned by the PT. Ciomas Adisatwa, Bandar Jaya - Central Lampung branch which was obtained directly from Field Extension Officers, through interviews and direct observation. Accuracy measurements are performed using the Fuzzy max method and Certainty Factor. The expert system for disease identification of broilers was tested using the Equivalence Class Partitioning method which is part of the Black Box Testing. The test showed that the disease identification system of broilers was running well. AverageThe accuracy of calculations using the Fuzzy Max method 80% and. The Certainty Factor method 96% for all types of diseases.