Analysis of Cocoserv Design as a Coral Reef Conservation Service Provider Based on Characteristics of Seeding Location

  • Andri Sahata Sitanggang, Novrini Hasti, R Fenny Syafariani, Fajar Adi Ramdhanni, Yeremius Pratama, Willy Gomarga


Abstract— Based on joint data obtained from WWF and LIPI which stated more than 60 percent of coral reefs in Indonesia were damaged because the area of coral reefs reached 75 thousand square kilometers representing more than 15 percent of the world's coral reef products. One way that can be done in overcoming this problem is to carry out conservation or cultivation of coral reefs at the right location and in accordance with the characteristics of the environment, taking into account the assessment, the main solution to implementing GIS (Geographic Information System) using a donation system. This concept uses a 2-stage method, namely analysis of process processes and analysis of process processes. With webGIS, people can purchase coral reef seeds online to be donated and planted by diver agents at the location of the results of the spatial analysis that has been provided, by providing this activity the community will discuss coral rescue The amount of coral damage that can be maintained and expected.