A Framework for Integrating Data Mining in Learning Management System(LMS)

  • Dr.Satyawan Hembade, Dr.Ajit More,Dr.Nilesh Mahajan, Bharati Yelikar


With emergence of web technology, training using web technology brought revolutionary change.  During COVID-19 pandemic online learning is more widely used by all of the educational institutes from schools to universities.  Usage of online learning platforms such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) generates data related to course access and performance of learner in respective courses. Data mining can be used on the LMS data to extract the features of learning activities and the results of data mining can be used to study learner behaviour and impact of various content on learning process.  The result of data mining process can be used to enhance course contents and assist to learner for better learning. This article firstly discuses kind of data generated in Learning Management System and process of data mining in such environment. Finally a framework of embedding Data mining module