Smart Cultivation and Prediction System for Agriculture

  • Ms Sarita Dnyaneshwar Sapkal, Ms.Pradnya Samit Mehta ,Ms Geetha Chillarge


Agriculture is a vital sector for overall economy of India.  Identification of crop to cultivate based on soil type its nutrients, disease detection are the vital roles for agriculture. Crops getting infected with diseases is the common thing but to improve product quality, quantity and productivity, proper care should be taken. The automation is crucial as it is beneficial in making crop monitoring simpler and faster Smart farming. In this paper, we propose a smart prediction system for identifying suitable crop for cultivation and plant pathology .The proposed system implements soil testing using the various sensors such as soil temperature, soil moisture, NPK, pH are used for monitoring temperature, humidity, soil moisture . This system lowers the probability of soil degradation and helps to maintain crop health. Plant pathology is carried out through convolutional Neural Network. The farmers can use this smart farming model to help them in selecting suitable crop for their field and make timely decisions to control diseases.