DfakeTect: A Review on Deepfake Detection System

  • Ashish Kumar Mishra, Sushmita Bharti, Raj Singh, Jyoti, Tauseef Ahmad


With increase in the popularity of social media nowadays people sharing everything on social media and online media content is growing progressively. In between all of that a technology termed as “Deep Fake” has emerged which is used to manipulate media content. As this technology is accessible to everyone, now fake videos are being shared extensively which is a threat to a person and its image. It can also be used to create political instability in the country. Revenge Pornography was the first few things for which this technology was used. To tackle this situation several methods have been proposed which can detect if the video is being altered or not. The paper provides a brief summary of some of the novel works done in this area, the datasets available to support the research. We have reviewed the evolution of deep fakes and some of the methods to counter them and facilitate the further development of more improved and effective technology and methods to counter the challenges of the deep fakes.