Design Of Internet Of Vehicles (Iov) And Safty Management System Using Node Mcu

  • J Chandra Babu , KadiyalaSravani, G Lokesh


The new era of the Internet of Things is driving the evolution of conventional vehicle safety system, Nowadays a lot of accidents happen on highways as a result of an increase in traffic and put together as a result of rash driving of the drivers. Many accidents are happening as a result of the alcohol consumption of the driving force or the one person is driving the Car. Thus drunk driving is also a significant reason for accidents in most countries within the world. Alcohol Detector in Car system is meant for the protection of the people seating inside the vehicle and in many things, the relations or the ambulance and police authority is not hip in time. This lead to delaying the help reached to the person suffered as a result of an accident. My research is concerning Alcohol Detection in the car and additionally an Accidental Location Detection using IoT. Once an accident happens, an Emergency message with location details is sent for the protection of the people seating inside the Car. These systems have to be compelled to be fitted / place in inside the car. As well as also include proper car seat-belt detection if driver car seat-belt activated then the car can ready for drive otherwise not drive.