Synthesis of Novel adhesive for Bamboo Joinery and comparison of its Mechanical Properties with adhesives available in the Market

  • Shubhangi M. Gondane, Dr. P.N.Belkhode , Dr. Manisha Joshi, Dr. J.P.Modak


In this study, novel adhesive applicable for bamboo joinery has been synthesized using liquefied bamboo (Timber Bamboo) as an alternative to traditional phenol formaldehyde resins. The most objective of this work is to test the feasibility of using liquefied bamboo as stuff for the synthesis of Adhesive. The newly synthesized adhesive was analyzed for its physico-chemical parameters and mechanical properties using different bamboo species and was compared with those of adhesives available within the market. Mechanical properties like tensile strength, compressive strength and shear strength were tested on different samples of bamboo species using newly synthesized adhesive and the adhesives available within the market. The tests were administrated on Universal Testing Machine at room temperature. The results showed that the most values for mechanical properties were obtained when Asian Paints (Loctite touch) was used as an adhesive.