Review on: Wi-Fi Enabled Appliances and it’s Future Challenges

  • Sanjay P. Pande


    In current scenario, the term Wi-Fi is very much popular and familiar to everyone, it is seen that the world is moving towards wireless technology. Wireless networking is an upcoming concept of information technology. The networking that enables us to share information in the network to execute processes automatically, a human being can manage any application easily. The objective of this paper is to study Wi-Fi-enabled appliances used at home and offices, what is an impact on the people, how they react while working with wireless technology, and presents the future challenges. The technology for Wi-Fi enabled device is developed, but many issues need to be solved. When many users are trying to access a single Wi-Fi router at the same time. Then, due to shared bandwidth the signal strength decreases, causes delay in downloading, playing videos and finally data accessing and video streaming speed decreases. Also, power consumption increases due to the requirement of an uninterrupted power for 24x7 continuously. Thus, there is a certain scope for improvement in current technology. In this paper we proposed the concept of OTP based security key to restrict unauthorized access and the use of rechargeable battery-operated Wi-Fi unit for power saving purpose to resolve the future challenges.