Web Based Test System for Online Examination

  • Praful Barekar, Sarthak Deshmukh, Aman Satone, Sourik Maity, Kaustubh Bhandarkar, Deepak Dhote


The software solution online test system allows a specific company or institution to organize, administer and conduct exams through an online setting. This can be achieved via the Internet, a local area network and Intranet. Some of the difficulties that labor- intensive checking schemes face are postponements in processing results, storage problems, filtering records is a difficult task. The probability of losing archives is high, and it is not easy to find records. System maintenance is also very tough and time consuming, labor intensive as well. We use the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which is a conceptual model used in project supervision which describes the stages of an information system development project. PHP, JavaScript and other web development frameworks are used to implement a project due to its flexibility and simple syntax. MySQL is used as a database management system.