Using OSINT to Gather Information about a User from Multiple Social Networks

  • Nilesh Sambhe, Piyush Varma, Arpan Adlakhiya, Aditya Mahakalkar, Nihal Nakade, Renuka Lakhe


With the widespread and easier access of the internet, many people have started to use various social networking sites each catering to their needs. It has been observed that most users prefer to use the same social media handle or username on multiple sites for easier management. This makes it possible to get a hold of the publicly available information about the user. But, with the increase in privacy protections and user restrictions, investigators often struggle to gather information about a user. We propose an automated software to perform this job which uses Open-Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) methods where all publicly available information of a user is gathered in an intelligently structured format all at one place. The software will search various social networking sites for the required user profile and gather all publicly available information. This information will then be available to investigators with the facility to export in various digital document formats.