A Review Paper on Women’s Security from Unethical Physical Harassment Using Smart Wi-Fi Device

  • Ms. Harsha C.Kunwar, Ms. Roshani K.Dharme


In today’s world safety for women’s is one among the foremost pressing issues that ought to be a fundamental, undeniable concept for any civilized society. Many of us are crying aloud for better ways to make sure women's security and make things better for them. And it looks like, that a lot of people are definitely trying to do; something about it by implementing various mobile apps for ladies safety & security from unethical physical harassment but the requirements of working women is that they require a transportable smart device which will be administered anywhere easily. By considering this example, here we present an idea to style a tool within the sort of push button which may be attached to cloths. During unethical situation we don’t have time or not in conscious mind to work our phone so push button are often used. After pressing the push button the phone will automatically start doing its work without touching it. This button are going to be connected to the system which has two modules, one which may be used when someone makes some kind of unethical movement and therefore the other one which may be used once you sense danger. the primary module which is pendant which contains spy camera that's making a brief video to capture the present surrounding and therefore the situation by which you're suffering, while the other which is push button which is employed during times of threatening to send location information to family or friends also because it alerts the closest police headquarters and also the calls the helpline number for ladies, in order that the assistance can reached from a minimum of one source. Parameters on which performance: Awareness Cost, Attention, Alertness, Security, Sensibility.