Optimization of Dimension and Quantity of Material for Clear Water Sump of 300 KL Capacities with Pump House

  • Pranjali A.Madankar, Sneha.G.Hirekhan, Kashif A.Qureshi


Water is considered as the source of life for every creation of God, it as a crucial element for sustainable and healthy living. Naturally, such an important element is always high on demand.  And the demand for such safe and clean water is rising day by day, as one cannot survive without water. In today’s time the main issue, in general, is to get clean, portable, regular supply of drinking water which is scarce and limited. So, the need arises for reusing and treating water, hence Water Treatment Plant is being constructed across the globe. In these WTP there is a clear water reservoir for storage and distribution of pure /treated water for a city or small town. We had designed and analyzed water reservoirs of two shapes in plan i.e. circular and rectangular shapes having 300kl capacity of treated water. A pump house is mounted on top of this sump. Both the sumps are analyzed for different conditions (tank full and empty) and comparative results are drawn, based on which we can conclude which shape is more economical for construction.