High-Security Online Shopping Website Using Web Programming and The Network Security Technology

  • Joel Kabangu Kabobo, Shaikh Mohammad Bilal Naseem


Nowadays, lifestyle of people is changed. People don’t like waste time going to the markets and make a long line. So, E-shopping is a benefit as it saves a lot of time. Online shopping is a process that helps easily and directly to buy products from a merchant without an intermediary service over the Internet. Customers can visit web stores from their house or wherever they are and shop by sitting in front of the computer or mobile. One of the most advantages of shopping online is particularly during the holiday season, it alleviates the need to wait in long lines or search from a store for a particular item. So, most Ecommerce are hacked and users' data and transactions are used by hackers for trying to steal users' money with the user's bank detail hacked, and sometimes even the business owner is hacked and lose the information of his E-commerce store. So, online shopping required high- security technology to protect the user’s data and transactions, and to secure the company against all types of misused actions from the hacker side over the internet.