Asset Tracking and Monitoring System using IoT

  • Rohan Ranganath Vamshi Guraja, Gaurav Sharma


The process of keeping track and collecting information of the company's tangible assets is called Asset tracking. Depending on the business, tangible assets can mean different kinds of hardware, for example, computers, tools and other equipment, and even vehicles carrying different packages for companies. An asset tracker has a wide range of applications. Thus, a tracker which can give complete information of any asset and can be used for the versatile application is developed. In this paper, an asset tracker which can be used for tracking an asset and monitoring its physical condition is proposed. The proposed asset tracker will keep track of the Global Positioning System (GPS) co-ordinates, monitor positional data and other physical parameters such as the temperature of the asset and upload the data to an MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) server which will be further relayed to the user dashboard in a website. The present trackers in the market are either limited in performance or are not compatible for different applications. Thus, a unified asset tracking solution for all the asset tracking needs is developed. The latency of data is 20 milliseconds and the power consumed is 60 mA. With this power efficiency the tracker can run for a total of 30 days on an 1800mah Li-Po battery.