Seismic Response of Vertically Irregular and Regular RC Frame with Stiffness Irregularity at Different Level

  • Gauri G. Nimbhorkar, Prof. Amey R. Khedikar


Nowadays, as in the urban areas the space available for the construction of buildings is limited, thats why we can construct vertically irregular or regular building. So in limited space we have to construct such type of buildings which can be used for multiple purposes such as lobbies, car parking, reception hall etc. To fulfill the demand, buildings with irregularities is the only option available. During an earthquake, failure of structure starts at weak points. This weakness arises due to irregularity in mass, stiffness and geometry of structure. During earthquakes,vertical irregularities are one of the major reasons of failures of structures.To study the behaviour of the building having various vertical irregularities at different floor level and the modelling is done by using the software SAP2000. The methods use for the analysis are static method and response spectrum method. Comparison has done for vertically. irregular and regular building by considering various parameters like storey drift, absolute displacement, base shear, moment and axial forces.