Comparative Analysis of Conventional Chevron Braced Frame and Diagrid Frame With Plan Irregularity

  • Neha S. Wanjari, Prof. Amey R. Khedikar


TallĀ  buildings are more vulnerable to collapse due to high wind and earthquake load. The risk of failure can be minimized by adopting lateral load resisting systems in such a building. Due to lateral loads acted on tall building excessive displacements occurred , lateral load resisting systems are usually provided to minimize the load effect. In this study, diagrid frame system is provided in building to resist lateral load due to earthquake load. In this paperĀ  the comparison of diagrid frame system with conventional chevron braced frame are discussed and plan irregularities in diagrid system and in chevron system with uniform angle are analyze. Modelling and analysis is done with on STAAD Pro software. Comparison has been done for different types of diagrid and chevron model for earthquake load case by considering various parameters like storey drift, absolute displacement, base shear, moment and axial forces.