C4 Model to manage pandemic using machine learning Curate | Compare | Calculate | Curb

  • Priyanka Sharma, Dr S S Tyagi


Pandemic is a word associated with large-scale outbreak of infectious disease. Like COVID-19 which has multiplied exponentially. It took just 30 days to spread from Hubei to the rest of Mainland China. In a country like India where the situation is becoming worse need to prepare for the possible rebound of the epidemic. AI (ML) can be conveyed adequately to follow the sickness, anticipate development of the pandemic and plan techniques and approaches to deal with its spread. This investigation applies a model to break down and anticipate the development of the epidemic. A ML-based model has been applied to foresee the possible danger of COVID-19 analyzing four top sufferers’ countries.AI can possibly help anticipate the dangers. Despite the fact that it's still too soon for much COVID-19-explicit AI examination to have been directed and distributed, early investigations can be promising. This paper explains the term pandemic, for its risk and impacts as well as knowledge gaps. We have proposed a model to deal with pandemic and technological solution framework required to handle pandemic situations like covid-19. In the paper inferences have been drawn from the data collected from public sources like union ministry of health and john Hopkins, and all the graphs have been plotted using jupyter notebook.