Grid-connected PMSG Wind Energy Generation System: Active and Reactive Power Control

  • Manish M. Pandya ,Dr. Bhavesh Bhalja


The present paper deals with the modeling of active and reactive power control of grid-connected PMSG wind energy generation system and novelintegration of wind energy conversion system to the grid using three-phase back-to-back (BTB) sinusoidal pulse width modulated (SPWM) voltage source converters (VSC) to make variable speed operation with independent active and reactive power control. PermanentMagnetSynchronousGenerator(PMSG) is used here for a variable speed wind generation system.Vectorcontrolofthemachine side converter (MSC) provides active power control or Maximum Power of the PMSG, while vectorcontrol of the grid side converter(GSC) keepsthevoltageoftheDClinkconstantandprovidesreactivepowercontrolofthegrid.  Finally, a simulation was carried out in Simulink/MATLAB simulation for MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control on the PMSG side. DC link voltage control and reactive power control on-grid side. Simulation results show that the controllers can extract maximum power and control the reactive power under different wind and linear and non-linear load conditions. A simulation was carried out on a 2.68 KW direct-drive wind-turbine driven PMSG system.