Classification of corona virus(COVID -19) using images by Machine Learning Methods

  • Dr. B. Shadaksharappa ,P. Ramkumar


Novel Corona virus Disease (NCD) is an extremely dangerous infectious disease with long span of incubation and various clinical demonstrations, which comprises a major impact on life and public health. Despite, the world has reached a very high level of technological applications in medicine, this NCD disease creates a panic among the people in worldwide. In the year 2020 it’s been originated in china as an epidemic disease. Afterwards due to migration of people in all over the world it becomes a pandemic disease. Due to this, the mortality ratio is always being increased gradually all over the world everyday in the year 2020. Even though there is a highly curable medicine is available, none of the medicine has supported to cure this dangerous disease. So, this paper proposed a method for classification based on the extracted features. This feature will be extracted by using the Support Vector Machine (SVM). Precision, accuracy and F score metrics have been used to evaluate the performance of the classification.