SCCN: Security in Controller of Computer Networks for Generating Dynamic ID Virtualization

  • Dr. P. Pavankumar, Dr. G. Narender , Ms. Boreda Varsha


The controller of Computer networks (CCN) is the most widely used in-vehicle network to communicate among electronic control units. However, the CCN does not provide security functionalities, such as encryption or message authentication. Attackers can analyze CCN logs and inject valid messages based on the analysis to cause malfunctions. Thus, security functions appropriate to the CCN environment are required to prevent attacks. In this paper, proposed a dynamic identifier (ID) virtualization method that prevents CCN logs from being analyzed and makes it difficult for attackers to generate valid messages. We implement a virtualization module to perform dynamic ID virtualization and measure the delay and computational overhead caused by the proposed method. Additionally, we demonstrate the security of the proposed method.