IOT based Real Time Environmental Monitoring system using Blynk Application

  • Anuradha K, Hariharan K, Uma K P, Poornima R, Anand B


Internet of Things (IoT) plays a major role in our lives. Many real time environmental changes can be measured using IoT. It uses sensor networks to monitor vital changes in the environment. Here, a real time environmental android application to monitor Humidity, Temperature and Gas is developed. These parameters are sensed and sent to the web server through Wi-Fi. The information can be accessed from anywhere. The android application developed can access the real time data and displays the results. If the value sensed crosses the limit or any critical value, a buzzer is used to send an alert signal to the users. The end user can monitor the sensed data and its graphical analysis using a smart phone where it is deployed with hardware. The project uses the Arduino UNO board, lm35 sensor, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. The application accesses the data and the results are observed by the end users.