Applying Sentiment Analysis Techniques To Measure The Performance Of Engineering Educators To Improve Academic Standards

  • K. Pushpa Rani, T. S. Raja Rajeswari, N. Thulasi Chitra


Every individual's opinion by which the emotions perceptions and opinions may be  conveyed is known as sentiment. Now-a-days students write their opinions about their engineering educators by giving feedback through online blogs. This paper mainly focus on the feedback for the educators to improve their teaching learning process Feedback from the student is expected to be a great resource for assessing the standard of the education provided in an academic institution. Faculty feedback is one of the measurement to assess the performance of the faculty. The Faculty Review also improves the institution's credibility as well as the Faculty, and it fulfills external expectations to show efficiency, quality control and quality management. The opinions gathered from the online  must therefore be evaluated using some of the techniques of sentiment analysis to better understand the students .A new frame work is designed to analyze the  performance of the faculty