Enhanced Power Added Efficiency for RF Power Amplifiers in Mobile Communication

  • Ambily Babu, B.G Shivaleelavathi, Veeramma Yatnalli


Modern mobile communication systems are using complex modulation schemes that results in RF signals with a high Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR). Such a signal can be effectively tracked by a linear RF power amplifier, working in back-off region. Nearly 50% of the power dissipation in a mobile transmitter happens in the power amplifier  block. Developing an RF power amplifier with maximum efficiency helps to improve the battery life of the mobile. This paper proposes an envelope tracking supply modulator for the RF power amplifier, using behavioral model components to enhance power added efficiency(PAE). A Class A  RF power amplifier operating at 2.5GHz using GaAs FET technology is made use of. Keysight ADS simulation tool is used for designing and simulation purpose. A 5MHz LTE , 16 QAM  signal with a PAPR of 6.0 dB is used as input signal . The amplifier is capable of delivering a peak output power of  26dBm. The results show an improvement of 12 % in PAE at 6dB back-off.