FDEIR: Content-Based Image Retrieval using Fast Demeanor Ensemble Features

  • Punit Soni, Vijay Kumar Lamba, Surender Kumar


The demand for CBIR-based systems is increasing day-by-day with the increase of its applications. Nowadays, various digital information systems like Medicine, Digital Libraries, Biodiversity information systems, Fingerprint Identification, crime prevention, and many more are in trend, and all these systems need accuracy. Several Automated Systems were earlier developed using features to improve the systems' accuracy, but it introduces complexity and speed. A fast Demeanor Ensemble features-based approach is proposed to cope with this issue, which also deals with accuracy, speeds up the system, and reduces its complexity. Different shape-based features are used to form 3-set composite features, followed by the selection phase where the ALO algorithm is utilized and reduces system complexity. The accuracy of the proposed system is estimated using distance-based matching methods. Correl-1000 dataset is used to analyze the system's performance based on different metrics, and the results show the proposed system's ability.