Data Security Enhancement In Cloud Using Morse Code And Dna Sequence

  • Tanya Awasthi, Prabhanjan Pandey, Yash Shotriya, T. B. Patil, S.D. Joshi


Cloud computing is ever increasing nowadays because of the numerous benefits it provides to its users. Earlier data storage was an issue but with the help of cloud storage we can store our data securely over the internet. Cloud computing is widespread over multiple locations from central servers. Cloud computing makes the resources available on demand to the users, But with the enhancement of the use of cloud services by various companies and users, the security of the cloud and its data became an issue. Many sectors are working on increasing the security of the cloud but due to the exponential evolution of cloud, maintenance of storage of data in cloud and its security is strenuous. For increasing the security of cloud and maintaining the data storage, we have adopted the methodology of DNA sequences and data de-duplication. Even with cryptography, security can get hampered; hence with the help of Morse code, it becomes more secure and difficult for the intruder to comprehend the data. It not only stores the data but also provides security and the duplicate copies of the data are removed and the storage spaces are used efficiently.