Improved Cooperative Bait Detection to Prevent Sybil Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Network

  • Chetan S Arage, K. V. V. Satyanarayana


The main objective of this research is to present Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) bait
detection with a view to improving security and routing efficiency. Methods/statistics: The approach
proposed for the defence against various types of attacks in MANET is based on a recently-delivered
technique known as CBDS (Cooperative Bait Detection Scheme). Practical testing of the CBDS method
shows that in cases of sybil attacks in the network, the delivery ratio and the performance of a packet is
low. This paper therefore proposes an improved method of CBDS (ICBDS), with the intention of
improving delaying, PDR and output end to end. Findings: The proposed ICBDS approach is simulated
and evaluated using the NS2 tool by taking into account various network scenarios with sybil attacks. The
results of proposed work on current CBDS methods state, that for sybil attackers in the Internet the
efficiency of end-to-end delays, PDRs & performance is improved. In addition to maintaining MANET
protection using the disjoint path method the ICBDS technique address the weaknesses of the current
technique. The performance of the delay from end to end will be reduced, while the overall performance
of the PDR will improve.