Role Of Media In Portaying Women In India: With Special Reference To Audio-Visual Media

  • Sikha devi Nath


Mass media is a prime stakeholder which transmits different sorts of messages to the larger level of
society. It has a crucial role in terms of socialization process among the people. Human evaluation
has witness about the contribution of Mass-media in mobilization of common people in different
revolution throughout the globe. During Indian independence movement role of mass media too
played a unique role to create a shape, the outlook about women through several audio-visual
sources. In other words media is a way through which it demonstrates the challenges and obstacles
faced by women in the society. The women is portrayed as a commodity in patriarchal society by the
so called mass media in the era of post capitalism. The popular sorts of mass media such as cinema,
advertisement, serials are showing the women as ‘Daily Content’ instead of a powerful and inevitable
stakeholder of social development and prosperity. Therefore it can be attributed to domestic and
social violation of women in everyday life. Whenever a women is victimized then the media again put
pressure by expositing her details address, name and physical description too. Till 50’s-60’s
portrayed women as submissive ,supportive and a home maker .This research paper is an attempt to
analyses role of mass media in shaping the image of women in patriarchal Indian society and its
socio –cultural impact in near future