A Novel Hashing based Attribute Authentication in Cloud Computing

  • C.P. Dhanakarna Dr.R. Jayakarthik


Cloud computing offers a versatile and easy way to share information, bringing different benefits to society and individuals alike. Many systems are available to manage secure data sharing, such as forward-looking data sharing, secure data sharing for complex classes, attribute- based data sharing, encrypted data sharing and a privacy- conserving encryption protocol based on shared authority. To address the challenging problem of secure data sharing in cloud computing, an attribute-based authentication was a favored encryption technique. In this paper, a novel hashing based attribute authentication is proposed. Message Digest- based Authentication (MDA) uses hashing to achieve shared authentication in addition to traditional user IDs and passwords. With protocol analyzer Scyther, the efficacy of the proposed is checked. Our experimental results demonstrate that the proposed hash-based attribute authentication can provide low communication overhead.