Novelty of Multi Route Coding for Reduction of IR Drop

  • M.L.N. Acharyulu, N.S. Murthi Sarma, K. Lal Kishore,


As the VLSI circuits have to hold a large number of components and satisfy various performance parameters, the wire length is taken as a main factor. So we use Vias as a replacement as they greatly reduce the wire length required, hence reduced power dissipation. But, Viasis known for its higher capacitance and when used as a replacement, the number of Vias used is higher. Overall leading to higher internal capacitance. So to reduce the IR drop we have, we use the proposed multiroute coding method. This increases the routing capacity by adding diagonal routing layers to the Manhattan architecture. These in-turn will enable the router to use all eight possible directions on Manhattan layers, which reduced the wire-length significantly and minimizes the power consumption. The optimal combination of number of vias used and the wire length would result in the most efficient power consumption for the developed diagonal routing.