“Climate Change and Mitigation of Farming Community”

  • Dr. N. Sukumaran,


Global climate change is widely viewed as one of the most significant challenges facing society today. Climate change has considerable impact on the crops, soils, livestock and pests. In the last 100 years the mean annual surface air temperature of India has increased by 0.4-0.6OC.       

Agriculture is vulnerable to climate shifts and a significant source of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are driving those changes. Long-term shifts in annual averages and seasonal patterns of precipitation, temperature, and humidity, as well as more erratic and extreme weather events leading to increased risk of floods, drought, and fire are anticipated for the future. Communities must prepare themselves for the possibility of food strategies and make appropriate use of recourses to protect their livelihood as well as lives and property. It is institutionalize mechanisms that enable the most vulnerable to cope with the impact of climate change. Farmers need coping strategies today, as they prepare to face climate change. The present paper made an attempt to analyze the mitigation of climate change for forming community, Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.