Disruptions Caused By Slots In Airline Operations Management And Solution Methods

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Ekrem SÜZEN


The airport slot application, which is applied in airports with high air traffic, is to make it obligatory for airlines to allocate slots for their flights to these airports. While this slot allocation carried out by the relevant unit for the planning made before the Operation Control Center (OCC) period for airlines, it is carried out by the slot coordination unit within the OCC department during the operation management period under the authority of the OCC.

OCC has team planning, dispatch, technical follow-up, aircraft assignment, ground services, revenue management, slot coordination units within its body in order to prevent problems arising in the operation from turning into disruptions.

The purpose of this study is to create a sequence of operations, namely an algorithm, to prevent problems related to slot allocation from turning into disruptions, which is performed by the slot coordination in OCC. In this article, it can be concluded that there are different solution steps for the slot problems for planned and additional flights and these problems can turn into a disruption if the necessary measures are not taken. However, it can be said that the problems may be inevitable when requesting slot changes due to delays in scheduled flights to airports with heavy air traffic or if making new slot applications for additional flights.