Accident Prevention Using Zone Control in Smart Electric Vehicles

  • Tarannum A Patel ,Dr. Gopinath. S.


Above entitled work is planned for designing a system to make and handle Electrical Vehicles safety
procedures, based on smart process. At present, for controlling the speed of the vehicles automatically,
there is no such mechanism available. Most of the time based on the road condition and surrounding
location speed limits are defined by the local bodies. But even after that not all the drivers will follow the
rules, most of the cases it becomes the fatal situation. As the title suggests, the project purpose is to sense
the regions or areas like hospital area, school area, etc. & bound the vehicles speed accordingly. In above
entitled paper the aim is to automatically sense the areas or regions like ‘school area’, ‘hospital area’, etc.
and limit the speed of the vehicle accordingly. And as soon as the vehicle moves out of the monitoring area,
vehicle can be accelerated manually.
The RF transmitter fitted in the particular zone has its own specific code, whenever the vehicle
passes through the monitoring area the RF receiver installed in the automobile will collect the code. Once
the code is collected by the vehicle, the embedded unit alerts the driver to decrease the speed according to
the area, it pauses for few seconds, otherwise the controller installed in vehicle automatically reduced the