Description of the Anisotropic Yield Level of Aluminum Sheet Metal Using Biaxial Tensile

  • Amirhossein Rezaeian Abhar, Javad Rasti


Biaxial tensile test is an efficient way to plot the yield level of isotropic and anisotropic materials. This test can show the yield conditions of the material under two-axis stress conditions that often occur in sheets and shells and can be used as input data in the mechanical properties of the material in analytical software. However, there are many challenges in using this method to draw the yield surface in terms of sample geometry, how to extract the required stress and strain data in the gauge region and the amount of strain required by the sample in different strain paths to draw the ISO-offset curve of the yield surface. has it. In this research, using finite element analysis in Abacus software, these cases have been addressed and the appropriate test geometry, how to extract data, the amount of strain required to ensure the submission of the gauge area and how to draw the ISO-offset curve are presented.