Design of a Platform for Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing in Cps for Dynamic Resource Provision

  • R. Veeramohana Rao, Kumara Raja Jetti, Dr. C. R. Raman, S. K. Pujitha, P. Pavan Kumar


Cyber-Physical Systems(CPS) functions as an interdisciplinary endeavor integrating both the cyber and physical vectors. The latter will yield increasingly growing quantities of data. The secret to the advancement in providing prospective and customized services for each particular customer and organization concerned is how to manage CPS big data efficiently and effectively. In recent years, much work on advancing particular situations or algorithms has been proactively undertaken. But few surveys recognize their introduction. For good measure, the blend stays an essential test. In this way, we fill the hole in the writing by developing distributed computing, haze computing, and edge computing overall to rouse new models and cross-usage. Also, bringing the excitement of customarily isolation elements into play is vital. In this exploratory investigation, we look at meanings of CPS just as the three previously mentioned computing ideal models and afterward shed new light on extensively settled Platforms. We likewise review on the application level of Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing in CPS separately and plunge into differentiated calculations and systems to implant huge information applications into a more astute and advantageous society with flow insufficiencies and future exploration bearings followed.