A Study on Impact of Absenteeism of Degree College Faculty Members Productivity during COVID 19 at Udupi District Karnataka

  • Dr. Sudarshan P, Dr.R.Velmurugan


Presently Corona Virus (Covid -19) has resulted in highest rate of absenteeism, especially among teaching faculties working at private colleges. Private college management expects their teaching faculty members to report to their respective duties during regular working hours when the situation is normal. At present due to the outbreak of Covid 19 institutions were shut down as Government imposed strict lock down across the country. Hence, many of the faculties from outside place couldn’t report on time as per the directions of management of private institutions. Normally, management want faculties to be in the campus and engage online classes and also expect to finish department related works. Due to unavoidable reasons most of the faculties couldn’t report on time as per their management expectations. Hence, this paper focuses on absenteeism of teaching faculties, its impact and suggested remedies for the same to a certain possible extent.